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We are professional real estate agents serving the Cullman Alabama and near by areas such as Eva, Smith Lake, Fairview, Hanceville, Good Hope, Vinemont, Holly Pond and West Point.

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If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate in the Cullman area we would be happy to assist you in getting the residential or commercial property that you need. Whether it is a first time home, second home, vacation home, investment property or foreclosure we can help you get a deal in Cullman and the Smith Lake area.

Two things that are vital in the real estate market is price and time. There are great deals on the market at incredible prices, and if you have the desire then we have the time.

As registered agents of the Cullman County MLS, we have unfettered access to homes, townhouses, vacation homes, lakeside properties and condos throughout the Cullman County area.

Axis Realty agents are dedicated to delivering personalized client service and have consistently achieved amazing results for home owners.

Let our team of hard working real estate experts guide you in your search for that ideal Cullman home.
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Axis Realty is the premier site for real estate in Cullman, Alabama. With us you get professional real estate agents helping you buy and sell homes in a fast and efficient way. We serve Cullman zip codes of 35055, 35056, 35057 and 35058. Use or Cullman real estate search tools to find your home or commercial property by price, neighborhood, schools, lakefront and other aspects of the Cullman home market. Whether you are in the market for a new home, lakefront property, condo, rental property, townhouse or vacation home we can help you find the right property to fit your style and budget. We believe that once you have a good idea of the Cullman real estate market, whether it is foreclosures, rental units, second homes, condos or Smith Lake properties then you can make the next step in buying your home.

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